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Black Friday Discounts

Best Value

Headmaster's Thankful Bundle'o Favorites



Get all of our Headmaster's Favorite courses for this huge discount. At 65% off, saving $266!

Valid until canceled

Becoming a Witch

Past Life and Akashic Records

Shadow Work Doors Meditation

Totem and Power Animal

Scrying Workshop


Hawaiian Spirituality

Air Magic

Best Value

Workshop Bundle!



Now offering Workshops! Join all of our upcoming Workshops for a 60% discount!

Valid until canceled

Imbolc: Two Day Workshop & Celebration

Lunar New Year: Two Day Workshop & Celebration

Embody the Goddess: Working with Hekate Workshop

$250 off!


Glamour Magic Discount

Glamour Magic is our hardest, longest course, with 20 weeks of work to becoming an glamour expert. So many student don't finish this course because of its length. Are you up for the challenge? If so, we are offering it for $250 off.



PromoCode: GLAM

50% off all Live Courses!


From now through Nov 30th, use BBAFAM and get 50% off any live course!  That means you can use this code NOW to get in classes that start in March!  Get your spot now before everyone else uses this code and steals your seat!

Halloween witch's hat and book of spells on orange background.jpg
Witches be trippin.png

An extra 10% off Early Bird Price for our Retreats!


We are already at a discount for our Retreats because we are in Early Bird Prices! But we are going to get you even more of a discount! Each regional retreat only allows for 10 people (and they are filling up!). Join us for some in person training!


PromoCode: RETREAT

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