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Rootworker: Hoodoo Practices

Sep 2, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024

  • 60Days
  • 18Steps


Wednesdays for 6 Weeks, 2 hour classes, Starts September 2nd, 6pm EST/5pm CST Yes, you're allowed to practice Hoodoo. You are. We are going to discover the world of Hoodoo, the history, rules, and studies. Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of Hoodoo with our immersive 6-week course, "Rootworker." Delve deep into the rich history and potent magical practices of this African-American folk magic tradition. Guided by experienced practitioners, you'll discover the secrets of spellwork, divination, herbalism, and ancestral reverence. Explore the power of candle magic, mojo bags, and spiritual baths as you learn to harness the energy of roots, herbs, and minerals. Gain a profound understanding of Hoodoo's cultural significance and develop practical skills to manifest positive change in your life. Join us on this transformative adventure and unlock the wisdom of Hoodoo as a Rootworker. Required Reading: The Hoodoo Bible by Mama Marie: ***** Minimum 5 students required, no more than 20. ***** Tuition: $240.00 Refund policy:

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  • Welcome & Housekeeping
  • Syllabus & Extra Handouts
  • Week 1 - Hoodoo
  • Homework Hoodoo
  • Dark Magic Exam


Self-paced Collection

Hand-delivered witchcraft

Remember Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  Professor Browne's Correspondence School of Witchcraft?  Well, we can be that for you.  We will handpick a random course from our self-paced courses for you to have access to each month (a $50 value) and you will have access to our online Book of Spells (the Mystic Grimoire).  We are offering this for $32.99 per month.  This subscription is better than that app you've subscribed to, isn't it, Miss Price?

Online Class
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