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Nov 20, 2024 - Nov 20, 2024

STORY TIME: Greek Mythology

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Free: Wednesday Nov 20th, 8pm EST/7pm CST Embark on a captivating journey through the realm of Greek mythology during a poignant 1.5-hour evening listening to Edith Hamilton's renowned work. As her evocative words bring to life the tales of gods, goddesses, and heroic figures from ancient Greece, you are transported to a world of divine intrigue and timeless wisdom. Each myth unfolds with a compelling narrative that draws you deeper into the mythical landscape, revealing epic adventures, tragic romances, and courageous quests. The rhythmic elegance of Hamilton's prose conjures a sense of wonder and fascination as the stories of Zeus, Athena, Hercules, and other legendary characters unfold with vivid clarity. By the end of the evening, you are left with a profound appreciation for the enduring resonance and significance of Greek mythology, a testament to the enduring power of these ancient stories. Our Headmaster Aly loves stories. It's how witchdoctors preach, teach, and pass down incredible knowledge. Through this 2024 series, Aly will give to you folk tales from different traditions around the world. Can you find the hidden meaning behind each story? What are you supposed to learn? Is this for entertainment or to bring fear into your heart so you will make good choices? Each story will be given to you in a beautiful package, perfectly performed by our master storyteller and Headmaster.

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