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Dec 18, 2024 - Dec 18, 2024

STORY TIME: Slavic Demons and Tales from the Cold

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Free: Wednesday Dec 18th, 8pm EST/7pm CST Discover the mesmerizing realm of Slavic demons and folklore during an engaging 1.5-hour night filled with tales of otherworldly beings and ancient traditions. Journey through the captivating world of Slavic mythos to unlock the secrets of supernatural creatures that inhabit the forests, granting blessings or unleashing havoc upon unsuspecting humans. Dive into the intricate fabric of Slavic folklore as you are transported to a realm where figures like Baba Yaga, the domovoi, and the rusalka reign supreme, sharing tales that are both haunting and alluring. With each myth, legend, and fable, you will be drawn into a world of dark magic and intriguing mysteries, where the boundary between reality and myth blurs, leaving you captivated by the enigmatic lore of Slavic demons and spirits. Our Headmaster Aly loves stories. It's how witchdoctors preach, teach, and pass down incredible knowledge. Through this 2024 series, Aly will give to you folk tales from different traditions around the world. Can you find the hidden meaning behind each story? What are you supposed to learn? Is this for entertainment or to bring fear into your heart so you will make good choices? Each story will be given to you in a beautiful package, perfectly performed by our master storyteller and Headmaster.

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