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Sep 4, 2024 - Oct 18, 2024

Exorcist Training Course (Premium)

  • 45Days
  • 22Steps
  • 2Participants


Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6-8pm EST/ 5-7pm CST, 7 weeks (12-14 Sessions!), beginning Sept 4th Pre-req: Spirit Walking, Mediumship The Exorcist Training Course is a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring exorcists with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to perform successful spirit extractions and lead spirits towards peaceful resolution. The course covers various topics such as the nature of spirits, identifying spirit possessions, and understanding the root cause of spiritual disturbances. Participants will learn how to establish communication with the spirit realm, including how to sense and interpret the needs of spirits. The core of the training focuses on practical application, with emphasis on proper techniques for extracting spirits from individuals and environments. Participants will also learn effective methods for cleansing and sealing spaces to prevent future occurrences. The course also includes an in-depth study of different cultural and religious practices for exorcism around the world. One of the unique focuses of this training is on mediating spirit needs. Participants will learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with spirits to better understand their needs, and how to help them achieve their desired outcomes. The skills and techniques learned in the Exorcist Training Course will be applicable in both personal and professional settings. **** REFUND POLICY Tuition: $330

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Hand-delivered witchcraft

Remember Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  Professor Browne's Correspondence School of Witchcraft?  Well, we can be that for you.  We will handpick a random course from our self-paced courses for you to have access to each month (a $50 value) and you will have access to our online Book of Spells (the Mystic Grimoire).  We are offering this for $32.99 per month.  This subscription is better than that app you've subscribed to, isn't it, Miss Price?

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