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Kitchen Witchery

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"A kitchen witch, sometimes called a cottage witch is a homemade poppet or doll resembling a stereotypical witch or crone displayed in residential kitchens as a good luck charm and to ward off bad spirits." Wikipedia You'll be excited to learn that you don't hav to be Wiccan to be a Kitchen Witch. In fact, the best hidden witches were kitchen witches. Their altar was the whole kitchen itself, with all of their idols, ingredients, and candles spread throughout the kitchen. This spreading helped to hide the kitchen witch in plain sight. Learn with Aly, a kitchen witch from his Grandmother's side, all about the love of cooking, the superstitions and rituals within the food, and how to use kitchen witchery as your favorite Green Witch Lifestyle! * What is Kitchen Witchery * The Recipe And what each ingredient means magically * Superstitions * Breaking a curse * Cooking with me! * Healing exam

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