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Jun 26, 2024 - Jun 26, 2024

What the Bible (really) Says: Taboo Topics

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Free: Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm EST/5pm EST Register: In part 1 of this 2 part series we discussed what the Bible had to say on the topic of gender and sexuality. Now let's talk about how the church has twisted the words of the Bible as scare tactics on taboo subjects like rape, incest, masturbation, orgies, prostitution, and more. For many years, pastors, preachers, and other leaders of the church have twisted the Bible using scare tactics to force people to fall in line and do as they say, threatening those who don't fall in line and follow without question. These leaders have been lying to create fear of asking questions. Answers to those questions can be found here, because, I'll tell you a little secret, the leaders are wrong. That's right, I said the leaders of most churces are wrong. dead wrong. And in this class, I will show you exactly what I mean with the real truth of what the Bible (really) says. Ms. Val has been growing her skills and knowledge at Bearbridge, while still mostly living in the shadows. While in the shadows, Ms. Val works to bring the truth to light so that the world may have the hidden knowledge. While Ms. Val does love a good conspiracy theory, this is not one. This is the truth in black and white and available to every person in the world if they choose to listen and ask questions.

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