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EP. 81 Angles, Demons & Ghosts - Oh My!

Ln'L Productions

Check out the latest episode of the Lamont N' Leah Podcast featuring special guests Witch Dr. Aly Cardinalli and ThetaHealer Marie Miller. Join the conversation as they delve into the supernatural, exploring various gifts and abilities just in time for Halloween.


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Rising Stars: Meet Aly Cardinalli

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Aly Cardinalli.

Hi Aly, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, you could tell our readers some of your backstories.
I was raised as a witch in secret. My paternal grandmother taught me secretly when I would visit my father every other weekend. My mother was a different kind of witch, and I learned from watching some of her techniques. When I was about 13, I had my first unfortunate shamanic transformation and continued to become more psychic following near-death experiences. I kept practicing the old ways in private, giving services to those who knew my practice. As a developing psychic, I didn’t have anyone to turn to who could help me understand what was happening to me. So after decades of learning...

Manifest Monday: Special Guest: Psychic Witchdoctor Aly Cardinalli

Official WhoDeyWant Entertainment LLC

Disclaimer!!! This Episode Is For Educational Purposes Only! Welcome To Manifest Monday Live With DJSteady & Mistress Dazzy As We About To Keep The Vibrations On High With Good Positive Energy. We Will Be Chopping It Up With Aly Cardinalli a Known Psychic Witchdoctor Or Healer If You Will. We're Talking Tapping Into Divine Energy and The Uses Of His Practice As Well As Learning About His School BearBridge Academy Of Witchcraft & Psychic Development Don’t Forget To Like Share And Subscribe.

The Amazing Aly Cardinalli and the Curse of Bourbon Lane

Burlesque Moms

Episode 030


The Amazing Aly Cardinalli and the Curse of Bourbon Layne


If you’ve listened to our show at all, then you know how much we love Aly Cardinalli—as a performer, a choreographer, a friend, he is awesome and we were so excited to have the opportunity to feature him as our first official Burlesque Moms guest!


Hailing from the middle of nowhere, Texas, where Bourbon Layne was also hiding, Aly joined us in this episode to talk about building a performance community, gaining inspiration, his work in psychic development and witchcraft, and yes, to rid Bourbon Layne, once and for all, of her curse.


Join us as we discuss this, and much more, on Burlesque Moms!

In this episode we talk about:

· Getting to know Aly Cardinalli and how he knows the Burlesque Moms

· Canines, Kiddos, Pasties, and Poultry

· Directing Bent on Maui

· Bourbon Layne’s first burlesque number, choreographed by Aly

· Blood in, blood out

· Bad choreography

· The Trampoline Dance

· Gaining choreography inspiration

· Aly as a child prodigy

· Disruption by a massive Tibetan Mastiff

· Little Shop of Horrors love

· Tripping into a stage performance

· The Nutcracker: A retelling by Aly

· Reasons to kill your roommate

· Working as a witchdoctor and psychic medium

· Psychic charlatans

· “Savage” nations

· The correlation between spiritual connection and choreography

· Building a backstage culture

· The true definition of community

· Theatre superstitions

· The curse of Bourbon Layne

· Pet photo and video bombing

· The problem with burning sage

· No drinks?

· Debilitating stage fright

· Fostering a positive body image in young women

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Paranormal the New Normal
Ft/ Aly Cardinalli, Founder of
BearBridge Academy, School of Witchcraft & Psychic Development

Blind Knowledge

Welcome back to your favorite home for paranormal interviews, I have been looking forward to this episode for awhile now. I will be joined by Aly Cardinalli, Founder of BearBridge Academy, School of Witchcraft and Psychic Development. Aly is also a witch doctor, healer, psychic medium, and kahuna as well. So come join us as we see where his life has taken him to get to this point.

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