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Difference Between a Hex, Jinx, and Curse

Are these words interchangable? Jinx, Hex, and Cursed?

No, although they are getting muddier and muddier with the introduction of sound-bite learning like instagram and tiktok, and frankly, I'm also guilty of mixing these words up. Let's get the definitions straight.

Jix: Temporary spell of baneful action or misfortune. This spell will wear off on its own. With good fortune, protective talimans, or return to sender spells, this one is pretty easy to avoid. However, it doesn't stick long anyway.

Hex: This is what we mean most of the time. This is a nasty spell that is meant to last as long as possible. Spells include action-dependant-impotence, control spells, and basically anything baneful.

How do you break this?

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Curse: You're not going to break this without a lot of help. Also, you're not going to be able to cure someone without a lot of training and skill. Curses are permanent and sometimes cross generations. Things like disease, addiction, infertility, life ruining, teeth falling out with no reason, slow death, being haunted, etc. The witch really had to work to make this happen. And you're not going to break it with some good intention or some olive oild. You're going to need a professional witch.

We have professional witches at (literally it's their job to be witches) and they can help you (and if they can't, they have other witches they work with to brainnstorm to make you better).

And if you want to learn how to really hit back, take Dark Magic and Defence Techniques:

Happy Defensive Magic!

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