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Do I Need a Soul Retrieval?

People suffering from soul loss often feel stuck in their lives and empty inside. By the process of soul retrieval, they are able to move forward in their lives through healing and recovery.

Do You Suffer From Soul Loss?

Symptoms include: Depression, anxiety, and restlessness within, feeling unfulfilled with life, experiencing emotional trauma, feeling apathetic and being disconnected from the world around, generally lethargic, brain fog, and lack of direction in your life.

How Did This Happen to You?

When something happens to us that traumatizes our spirit (which is subjective to each individual), part of our spirit breaks. Varying from person to person, this could be a bad breakup (where you feel like you are permanently broken from it), a loss in the family (unresolved grief), physical trauma (like a car accident as a teenager), being bullied, emotional or sexual trauma, near death experiences, situational trauma, or long term events that cause the soul to weaken and chip away. When we undergo these things, no one is commenting on your lack of resiliency. If a straw is put into a lion at the right angle, it can kill the lion. Try not to judge what has broken you. We just need to find your soul and bring it back.

From a shamanic perspective, traumas can cause a fragment of a person’s soul to leave and it may never return. When we die, we leave this life and go to the spirit world. When a part of your soul breaks off, it naturally heads to the spirit world, a kind of fragment of you floating around. In some cases, that fragment is left in a place where your trauma happened, like a false haunting or spiritual recording left at a location. To find the missing pieces of the soul from trauma and to make the soul whole again, a person must undergo the process of soul retrieval.

Can I Give Myself a Soul Retrieval?

No. You cannot have the objective healing viewpoint in order to collect the pieces which you may personally reject. You may also only seek out the soul loss from what you remember, instead of searching for everything that broke off, even if the memory of the incident is no longer there. For instance, when we are babies, some people have the misfortune of losing some of their soul, but don't have the memory as to what happened, like traumatic birth, losing a parent, being neglected, or another kind of trauma. An objective shamanic practitioner is the only one who can bring back your pieces because they aren't biased with information about you prior to the healing.

At the beginning of 2020, my calendar was booked with mostly soul retrievals. Even if people didn't have traumatic experiences happen to them, the pandemic was traumatic for everyone, or it stirred up a realization that people were living in a fog and needed to make a change.

Everyone can probably benefit from a soul retrieval, however, there are a lot of people out there who are just going to take your money. At BearBridge Academy, students are trained with the guidance from me, their master teacher, Aly Cardinalli, who guides them with an actual client, whom they have to perform a successful soul retrieval on. I have performed more soul retrievals than any other service as my time as a witchdoctor, bringing hundreds of client experience to training the new shamans.

Once students pass this part of their education, they can then offer services at the Otso Salon as a Shamanic practitioner who can perform soul retrievals. This level of scrutiny gives care and reliance for clients to know they are in capable and legitimate hands. Also, since all of this searching is done with a cross over to the spirit world, your practitioner can be in a completely different part of the world than you, matching you up with more possibilities of that perfect practitioner.

What to Expect During a Soul Retrieval:

It feels like a nap. Soul Retrievals are not regressions. The purpose is not to put you through trauma, again. The trauma isn't what has left the body, a part of your soul has. The trauma is the cut, the incision which separated the parts. During the soul retrieval, you will listen to shamanic drumming or other musical devices (based on the practitioner's preference) which will induce your brain into theta or gamma. This allows the practitioner to travel to the spirit world, find your pieces, and put them back while you are relaxed.

What to Expect After a Soul Retrieval Trauma Repair

• Creating a sense of connection with the world from within one’s self

• Convergence of body, mind, and soul on a single point.

• Reduction in stress, anxiety, and depression

• Reduction in negative emotions, blockages, and traumas

• Refocus on direction of your own life

• Ability to make decisions

• A sense of being able to breathe

• Recognize where you need to make changes in your own life so it can be healthier.

So, do you need a soul retrieval?

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