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Home for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

December and the holidays are a universal time to be with family.

For me it is truly one of the most wonderful times of year as a mother of three.  I guess it may be obvious when the children were young and observing their wonder and awe of Christmas and of course Santa. We had our family traditions of lighting Hannakah candles in the menorah (my father is Jewish), and our annual outing to the city for ice skating, viewing Macy’s Christmas windows and going to Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza to name a few. These are the memories I cherish and I also think my children do too as these were times that were only about the four of us and the time shared that we all enjoyed.

Now that my children are young adults, the time spent together and some traditions have changed, and yet it still is so special and magical for me (and I believe for them too).  

I don’t mind the colder weather, I welcome it. It is one of the ingredients that leads to my preparation of family coming home for the holiday. A kitchen witch by nature, I now enjoy the preparation of the holidays in a different way compared to when I was a younger mother.  With the anticipation of my sons returning home, I like to freshen up the home and the energy within. Of course, I clean and put fresh sheets on their beds, but I also cleanse the atmosphere throughout the home. As a kitchen witch, my kitchen is my altar and here I purify the energy in my home with simmer pots.  Simmer pots are a wonderful way to infuse the home with wonderful smells, warmth and also a way to magically cast a spell with intentions onto my those in my home. In fact, I have one simmering on the stove as I type. And with the cooler and overcast days now at hand, I will most likely have a pot on my stove simmering daily with ingredients as it creates a cozy atmosphere. It makes for the perfect mood to decorate the home for Christmas and get the cozy blankets out on the sofa and chairs.

When my sons are home, I know they appreciate having their childhood bedroom ready and waiting for them.  I will make all the home cooked meals that I know they crave, which is quite the variety of comfort food. I get such joy cooking meals for the family, providing nourishment for the body and spirit with my sons enjoying each meal. Some traditions have changed, we no longer have our outing into the city together. Yet some traditions remain, like our annual New Year’s sundaes. When my sons were young children, we would ring in the New Year at midnight with ice cream sundaes and hot chocolate. We still do this now, but when they have come home after celebrating the new year with friends. My sons come together at home and before bed they have their ice cream sundaes and hot chocolate while recanting their evening activities to me and each other. And some are new traditions that have evolved as my children became adults, for example “poker night” is now a thing with my sons when they are home and of course include their libations of choice which they demand I partake when they do a round of shots.

Having all my sons together with me under the same roof creates the most magic of all. The comradery they share with one another and me with conversation, laughter (usually jokes at my expense) and togetherness is what warms my home and what I cherish the most. For my children, coming home is coming back to childhood, the warmth and coziness of family, and revisiting with childhood friends. It is our family traditions, love and memories that brings the family back together year after year.

Family, either by blood or those you choose to be family, are who matter and are a significant part of feeding your spirit. I am fortunate to have both my children and those I consider as my inner circle of people.  Family, regardless if biologically related or not, are like-minded people who mutually trust, respect and accept one another for who they are without judgement or condition.  I am very blessed to be a mother of three wonderful men and also blessed to have my people, my family at BearBridge.    This is a time of year to gather with those who you consider to be your family and continue or create traditions with those you love.

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