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Problems Solved by Witches

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

My grandmother hid her private practice from the public, and I think even form her husband. She definitely hid it from her kids, but when she saw in me the potential to pick up the family (secret) business, she started to teach me. I learned as much as I could between ten and thirteen, and then they moved away. I watched my mother practice spells (mostly curses) but she did it for herself, not on behalf of anyone, like her ex-mother in law.

This is not the beginning of a novel. This is my life. At 13, I transitioned to try the performing arts and ended up making that my career, but I secretly kept up with the craft as my grandmother had throughout my teens, young adulthood, and through my thirties.

BOOM Pandemic.

I lost my performing arts business and decided to flipflop by spiritual life with my career. Dancing would become my hobby and witchdoctory will become my career. However, I pose the question, why do we need to keep it hidden anymore?

I get why it was hidden 40, 50 years ago; I get why it is hidden for some people now (depending on where they live - Florida, I'm talking to you). But witches have been hired to solve all kinds of problems since before they were called witches. We were healers, or sorcerers, or shamans, and before that, we were everyone.

What did people come to me for?

* Make this married woman love me instead

* Break this curse that has been on every woman in my family

* Find my spirit animal, I got disconnected from her during a NDE car accident

* Exorcise this spirit out of me

* There is a dead child ghost in my house, please get him to leave

* Heal my gi disease, drs don't know what is wrong

* Help me through the grief of my mother's passing

* Conjure a new job where I am using my passions

* Help me love myself again

* Punish my ex for stealing my life

* Make my project go through and be successful

* Find out information about these two guys I'm dating

* Tell me if someone is stealing from my company and why

* Heal the trauma I've had in my life so I can move forwards

I opened my private practice as a witchdoctor and it took off. I was fully booked throughout the pandemic. I started teaching shamanic practices, psychic development, non-traditional faith, and advanced witchcraft, teaching other witches, psychics, healers, and exorcists about the discipline. Realistically, I could not keep a busy private practice going at this rate. I would burn out teaching and meeting that many clients.

After training and testing amazing students, I opened the Otso Salon. Offering the same things but with other people as well. Now there is a group of us, all with unique skills and offerings. Don't know what you need but know you have a problem? Book a consultation and we will help guide you to the service that is right for you, even if it isn't with us.

Witches solve problems. That's what we do. And many of us do it for other people. I'm so happy that I could pass down my grandmother's practice to incredible practitioners from around the world, and make getting mystical help more practical and less stigmatized (and yet, even more private - because you don't have to walk past other houses and be seen walking into the witch-house).

At the ease of online, meet with these practitioners and get your problems solved.

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