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Recommended Books for Spells

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

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I'm always asked where to find spells. So, here are our recommendations for witches just starting out:

Yes, it's hoodoo, and don't be afraid. Hoodoo was created cross-culturally. It has something for everyone and is an amazing book of well researched and considered spells.

One of my coven sisters called this her "Witchcraft for Dummies" book, but you know what? It's really good. Simple and easy spells, and for the most part, should all work.

Amazing book. Listen, we have witchcraft in America because of our sisters and brothers who hid the craft and survived annihilation, murder, and ostracization. So, support black authors of the craft. This book is a brilliant. Thank you for keeping the ways alive.

by Denise Alvarado and Doctor Snake

Again, spells for every person. You can't go wrong with a book that will outline the history and meaning of everything in the craft. Want to stop relying on the "intention is everything" and finally learn what hours represent? This is your book.

Amazing book on incantations. A must read. Beautiful.

Ms. Worth has it all. Sigils, charms, talismans, and incredible incantations. These books are NOT to be skipped.

This is Arin's best book. It is full of great spells for protections. Although I don't like all of the spells in it, and some of the ingredients are not correct (lemon for instance), it is a great book overall.

by Dorothy Morrison and Amy Blackthorn

This book will probably be the most complicated one that I recommend for newbies. She makes them easy to follow and has wonderful uses for these spells. It does have a few complicated ones, so read carefully. Not that they will go wrong (if you don't read correctly, it might not work). She also sells some of her own products. Two thumbs up.

**** I will update this list as I think of other books. *****

These are all books that are great for beginners AND practitioners that need supplements. Don't think that these books aren't good for all witches. You're never too good to learn from books.

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