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What Happens After A Soul Retrieval?

You had a soul retrieval, now what?

For those of you who have had, or are considering a soul retrieval, this article will help you to understand what to expect after a soul retrieval.

The idea of soul retrieval can be intimidating for some. Soul retrieval brings back parts of you that broke away during traumatic events. Parts of you that you have forgotten about or repressed will have to be re-integrated to heal you completely. The process of soul retrieval is very simple to endure but takes quite a bit of training by a practitioner. You get comfortable, listen to the drumming sound provided by your Shaman, and when it's done, listen to what the Shaman has pieced together. Your Shaman may also do a cleansing of your entire energetic body as well as heal any pieces that need to be healed.

Once our session is over, there are some things you should do to help the pieces heal. This retrieval is simple, but it is a spiritual surgery that requires proper aftercare.

  1. No recreational drugs for 24 hours, longer if possible

  2. No alcohol for 24 hours, longer if possible (prefer 30 days)

  3. Eat a healthy meal

  4. At least 8 hours of sleep, uninterrupted

  5. Hydrate

  6. Journal. This is an important step because what you think a thought/image/feeling might be in the first moments after the retrieval might change as you are healing and integrating the pieces of your soul. It also helps to process your feelings while healing.

  7. It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to fully integrate your soul pieces. As in an illness or injury where day 3 or 4 can be the worst of the illness, the first 6 days are emotionally turbulent. For some, week 3 in the healing can be very difficult because of the realizations that happen when you are fully you. It is important that before you are unable/unwilling to communicate how you need to be supported at this time, communicate your needs in advance to your support person/people.

  8. Reach out to your shaman with questions.

A final note, if suddenly you wake up one day after your healing, and your feelings, thoughts, or emotions towards people, activities, foods or anything else change completely, this can be a normal part of healing as these things no longer have space in your life. There is no “right” way to feel. You are in charge of your thoughts and emotions which may (and probably will) be different from my own and both are “right.”

If you would like to complete your spirit under the extreme care of a Shaman, you can hire one at the Otso Salon, who are all certified and tested practitioners.

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