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White Coat Student of The Month

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Our first White Coat Student of the Month is someone who has joined us in the last year and really shown amazing dedication to her craft and is eager to learn as much as she can. She has also been sharing with others the knowledge she has gained from BearBridge Academy. You can see her dedication to the craft when you look at her answers to questions in Discord and Instagram, as well as how she has implemented changes in her home to incorporate the craft.

Congratulations Vanessa P. (vanessa beatboredom on discord)! When asked about what she would like to share about her practice she said " I would say I'm very committed to being Gray Arts. I love to learn how each ingredient can be used to heal or harm"

I am so proud to have had Vanessa in many (if not all!) of my classes here at Bearbridge Academy and to have the chance to watch her grow through practice and education.

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Thanks so much! 😆


08 déc. 2022

Way to go Vanessa !!


Congratulations Vanessa!! ❤️


Congratulations Vanessa!


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