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Why spells don’t work

There are many reasons why spells don’t work. Let’s look at all of them.

  1. Self-care is bad

  2. If you aren’t taking care of who you are, the energy you put out will be weak. A hammer needs energy to put in a nail. If you are weak, your ability to use the hammer is weak. Same with spells, but regarding energy. If you don’t take care of yourself, you are quite frankly ineffective.

  3. Life Balance is bad – these need to be close to even:

  4. Spiritual life and relationship

  5. Your authentic relationship to your faith. Witchcraft is use of supernatural and preternatural. You need faith. Authentic faith.

  6. Social and Family relationships

  7. We are social creatures. Build your family and friends strong.

  8. Career & Education aspirations

  9. If you are unhappy with how your aspirations are being met, you need to change. You spend most of your life feeding this energy, make sure you aren’t feeding a ‘lemon.’

  10. Money & Personal Finances

  11. Need money? Change your life. Happy with how things are going? Then you’re all set.

  12. Health, Recreation, and Leisure

  13. Don’t have time to take care of yourself (see #1). Time to make space so you can have your leisure and recreation.

  14. Your home and routines

  15. Are you taking care of your home. Like where and how you live? This is important as it is where your energy ebbs and flows.

  16. Relationship with your community and sense of belonging

  17. Everyone needs to feel accepted and valued. If your community isn’t doing that, go searching for one that will.

  18. Mental & Emotional health

  19. Are you taking care of your mental and emotional health? Are you using creativity? Are you socializing? Are you going to therapy?

  20. The kinds of spells you are doing are not in your talents

  21. Many spell books are written from a practitioner. That practitioner has a specific set of beliefs (and if you don’t have the same, they may not work) and talents (and if you don’t have those talents, they may not work).

  22. Copies from a faith of which you do not genuinely believe

  23. Same notes as above. If you are reading from Aleister Crowley, and don’t believe in the Christian or Jewish pantheon, THESE WILL NOT WORK RIGHT!

  24. Intention is not clear or not strong – you’re just playing with ingredients

  25. Without a focus of energy and intention, you are not going to get anything to work. Hammer: If you wave a hammer willy nilly at a nail hoping it will just work, well, it won’t. You have to intend to nail the nail (or hammer the nail?).

  26. Your ingredients are weak

  27. Quality matters. A nail made of tin will do a worse job of holding up a heavy picture than a nail made of iron.

  28. How you put your ingredients together are not skilled

  29. Without practicing, skill does not develop. Don’t be impatient. Be patient and dedicated to practice until you succeed.

  30. There was no actual ‘cast’ to send the spell or finish it

  31. Same spells leave out the part that makes them finish the spell. You need to cast the spell. Just mixing isn’t necessarily enough (depends on the spell). How do you seal the deal?

  32. Unrealistic expectations

  33. If it can’t be explained, it can’t happen. But you can explain a lot. You probably can’t turn into a horse through explanation, though.

  34. Asking for too much without the proper exchange

  35. Magic need exchange. Energy, ingredients, devotion… Something. Just be willing to do what you need fully. There is no cheating. Everything comes at a cost.

  36. Not Enough Effort (no follow through, and not energetically helping your spell to continue working)

  37. Lazy begets lazy results. It’s that simple.

  38. Not enough time to manifest

  39. Unless you can bend time (some can), you need to allow for the spell to take place.

  40. Not the way you wanted, but you did get what you asked for.

  41. You probably should have been more specific. Just be careful what you ask for.

  42. You aren’t focused

  43. If you aren’t paying attention to hammering the nail, you could hurt yourself or damage the wall. Focus.

  44. Not devoting to your deity/ not paying spirits/ not recharging the working

  45. If you expect entities of deities to help, you need to cultivate relationships. More than you would with people. Authentic relationships. And if you say you are going to do something, you best do it.

 (and always go back to 2-1)

OK. Happy casting.

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