Witches Don't Make Friends

I have had two terrible experiences trying to make friends as a witchdoctor.

First, let's have some back story. Most of you who follow me know that I had my private witchdoctor practice quietly in the background of my life for about a decade, honing my skills and donating my time, knowledge, and ingredients to helping others and the spirits around us. I spent an amazing 20 years in the performing arts as a director/choreographer and instructor, experiencing all kinds of twists and turns from working with the National Guard as an education trainer to directing CATS, to performing for one night with Cirque Du Soleil, and back to teaching hula, African dance, ballet, voice, and acting in the classroom around the world.

The pandemic changed the course of my life with a giant push to flip my past-time (as a secret psychic witchdoctor) and my career. So now, I work fulltime as a witchdoctor, out of the broom closet and enjoy the performing arts on the side (like most 'civilized' people), as a hobby.

However, the world of witchcraft and teaching in this area has made it difficult to make friends. I work from home as Headmaster at BearBridge Academy of Witchcraft and Psychic Development, since it's an online school, my private practice is at home, where I treat and help people remotely, and I am working on my book series in the subject of indigenous metaphysical. Basically, I'm a psychic magical house plant.

A friend of mine invited me join a gay men's group, which had mostly New York City men, but there were people around North America there, so joining zoom from Austin was no big deal. I cleared my scheduled so that I could make friends. I used my real name, because, why wouldn't I, right?

Well, one of the members googled me, and you know what comes up? Yeah, first page is going to show you a whole lot about me as a witchdoctor, a psychic, and in the performing arts. This one member reached out and wanted to be friends, but instead of genuine friendship, asked me for psychic favors, trying to learn about other men in the group (for which I refused), and divulged that he was a gay priest, in the closet and afraid of losing his job if anyone found out, and felt he needed a friend, even if that friend was a witch. I still keep his anonymity, even with his nasty betrayal.