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Join date: Oct 6, 2021


I'm a solitary practitioner who comes out to play sometimes, in the right company. I will ghost and it doesn't mean anything bad; I just spend a lot of my time directed inward.

Interested in mostly white and pink magic, but I will hex and curse to rebound people's bullshit back to them. I'm into healing, kitchen witchery, and am a beginner psychic with just enough ability to make me dangerous. :) Adept at candle-magic, brews and potions, crystal spells, using poppets and other representational objects, and practiced at cleansing and charging objects.

Eclectic collector of everything in nature. I have a Victorian-style curiosity cabinet that is actually spilling over all over my house--wild bird nests, eggs, giant acorns, a big bowl of different seeds, a rainbow of beetles, feathers, feet, shells, teeth. Love bees. Love too many things to have one spirit animal.

My strengths are spirit, water, fire, stone.

Glinda the White

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