SEPT 16-18

Georgetown, TX (Austin Area)

Early Bird: April 16-June 30 $275

General Admission: July 1- Aug 1 $390

Late Admission: Aug 2- Sept 11 $525

(price will be determined by complete waver submission date)

Come together for psychic training, witchcraft classes, spirituality, and community.  We will have courses on Shamanism, Potions, Yoga, Movement, Spellcasting, Mediumship, and more.  Graduates get your certificates. We will also be celebrating the robing of our new student appointed White Coat.

Presenter Discount:

Teach two 2 hour classes: $150 discount

Teach four 2 hour classes: $250 discount

Apply Here before buying your ticket to receive your coupon code: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/4SzTwEaX1Kl974U86N4j


Do healings, readings, sell oils or products:

$70 1 day

$150 the whole weekend



Book and ingredient exchange, astral projection, totem & spirit guide meetings, one on ones with Headmaster, psychic training, determining dangerous people, mediumship, shamanic healing, yoga, potions, palmistry, candle spells, cursing, protections, crystals, foraging, and more.

Friday night: Welcome Night!  Get to know people with games and stories.

Saturday night: Pool Party at Aly's House and The Seance!

Sunday night we will have graduate certificates for those who pass their exams. Formal Witch Attire Plus Your Cloak.

Graduates will get their certificates of completion.  We will also robe the new white coat!!!

Vote on the new white coat here:


Accommodations not included.  Once Waiver/Payment Processed, Accommodations will be suggested. Dinners will be provided.  Help with beverages and snacks throughout the day are always welcome.  Spell ingredients will be provided for students in workshops.   A list of recommended items for your spell-suitcase will be provided.

September Retreat
Sep 16, 9:30 AM – Sep 18, 11:55 PM
Georgetown, TX, USA