Psychic Medium Angelic Witch

Trinity is a psychic medium and modern Christian witch who grew up in the city and suburbs of Chicago. She is a mother of three sons and has been in the corporate world for over 25 years.  She has always been innately intuitive and strongly connected with nature and animals, especially trees, since childhood. She is also instinctively a kitchen witch and homeopathic healer as a mother. Always in tune with God, nature and just “knowing”, she has always felt she has been watched over and protected throughout her life. She gives credit to God for the blessings she has and aiding her through the difficult obstacles and times in her life.

Now an empty nester with her youngest son in college, her spirit guides have led her to Aly to learn from and mentor her.  Over the past year she has discovered and developed her skills as a psychic and eclectic witch at BearBridge Academy. She has certifications from BearBridge Academy as a Psychic Medium and as a Green Magic and Healing Practitioner proving that her psychic intuition and natural instincts as a witch are true. She is very much connected to and communes with spirit and nature and has direct communication with her spirit guides.  In a world that is full of pain, she is a guide and a healer to help others.



Channeler and Light Witch