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Becoming a Witch

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Self-paced Aly is a witch who teaches other witches how to be witches. You’ll learn how to cast a circle and summon the watch towers. You’ll learn whether a coven is right for you. You’ll also take a discovery test on the kind of faith system that might be best for you to follow (Wicca, Druid, Mood, Etruscan, and more!). You’ll also learn which code of ethics is going to be your cup a tea and then we get right into, tools, time, space, faith, and grimoires. As part of this course, you’ll walk away knowing what you need to do next to call yourself a practicing witch. Answers to the questions, what should you celebrate, who should you pray to, when should you cast, and why, and what are the darknesses you need to be aware of. This is a 3 hour course and requires use of a computer. * What is a witch * Way of practice and which faiths * Casting a circle of protection * Covens * Answering Questions * Altars and tools * Garments * Example spells * Some basics

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Hand-delivered witchcraft

Remember Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  Professor Browne's Correspondence School of Witchcraft?  Well, we can be that for you.  We will handpick a random course from our self-paced courses for you to have access to each month (a $50 value) and you will have access to our online Book of Spells (the Mystic Grimoire).  We are offering this for $32.99 per month.  This subscription is better than that app you've subscribed to, isn't it, Miss Price?

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