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May 7, 2024 - Jun 18, 2024

Manifestation: The Witch’s Loom: Weaving the Alchemy to Manifest 6-Week Course

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Tuesdays, Beginning May 7, 2024, 6-Weeks, 8pm-10pm EST/7pm-9pm CST The Witch’s Loom: Weaving the Alchemy of Manifestation, delves into the mystical intersection of traditional manifestation techniques and the ancient art of witchcraft, offering a comprehensive exploration of how to harness personal power through both the lower and upper auric bodies. The course covers everything from the basics of manifestation and the crucial role of your personal power center to the nuanced distinctions between lower (material-focused) and upper (spiritual and flow-focused) manifestation techniques. Participants will learn to navigate the realms of Traditional Manifestation, employing the Law of Attraction, affirmations, and the activation of lower energy centers, and add exploration of Non-Will Manifestation that leverages the power of coincidence, flow, and directed endings through upper energy centers. The course emphasizes the importance of integrating both approaches for a holistic manifestation practice, transforming traditional tools like vision boards into innovative personal oracle cards, and shifting from gratitude journaling to entering the inner realm through guided spiritual journeys. Further, the course ventures into confident manifestation and spellwork, teaching participants to open themselves to divine energies, engage in divination, and perform spellwork that complements their manifestation efforts. The journey reaches a finale in a comprehensive synthesis of learned techniques, culminating in a group ritual that solidifies the practice into a lifelong craft. Throughout, learners will explore correspondences with flora, crystals, moon phases, and astrological elements, enriching their understanding and application of occult manifesting. Tuition $240 Minimum 5 students Refund policy at

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