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Apr 27, 2024 - Apr 27, 2024

The Many Classifications of Psychics and Mediums (FREE)

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Free: Saturday, April 27, 4pm EST/3pm CST Aly grew up not understanding why he was so sensitive, why his "imagination" was so darkly vivd, and why his skin and body was so sensitive. Rarely studying for tests, he felt there were times he cheated academically but didn't understand how. Also, there's the question, "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT ABOUT ME?" Psychics and mediums are widely known for their abilities to perceive information and communicate with the spiritual world. However, there are different types of these individuals, each with unique gifts and skills. In this class, we will explore these different types of psychics and mediums and learn how to distinguish between them. We will cover various topics including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, oracle mediumship, pet mediums, Telesthesia (RV), precognition, psychometic psychics, and the 'psychic bleeds". We will examine each type in detail and learn their unique traits, including how they perceive information and how they communicate their messages. We will also delve into the ethics of making psychic and mediumship readings, and discuss how to avoid scams or fraudulent practices. Why is such an amazing class free? Because Aly hates all this misinformation out there! So join him on the journey of psychics with one of the most uniquely sensitive mediums we know!

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