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Mar 7, 2024 - Apr 26, 2024

Mediumship & Psychic Development (Premium Course)

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Thursdays, Begins March 7th, 6-Weeks, 8-10pm EST/7-9pm CST Develop your psychic senses, first understanding what kind of a sensitive you are (clairvoyant, audient, sentient, cog...) and to know what are your access strengths! This interactive amazing course helps you understand yourself as a psychic AND as a medium. Do you hear someone talking and no one is around? Do you know what someone is going to say? Did you have imaginary friends as a child? Do you know what is going on in a place you haven't been? It’s scary seeing ghosts, angels, demons, sprits, sprites and the like for the first time. For some of us, it’s just a glimmer or a knowing. For others, they can see with their eyes the darkness hiding in the corner. In this 6 week course, learn about your individual psychic gifts with our oversensitive clairsentient teacher, Aly Cardinalli. He will guide you through focus, protection, control, and application of your psychic abilities. This course is life changing, and many love it so much, they take it again after some time has passed in order to determine if anything has changed in their sensitivities. * Goals * Understanding your energetic signature * The science of being psychic * Psychic self defence * How to psychically focus * The clairs * ALY MIRRORS YOUR PSYCHIC HOMEWORK AND DIAGNOSES YOUR ABILITIES * Telepathy homework * Aly’s 7 layers of being psychic * Tips for psychics * Opening and closing the veil * Talking to entities * Mediumship Minimum 5, Max 8

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Self-paced Collection

Hand-delivered witchcraft

Remember Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  Professor Browne's Correspondence School of Witchcraft?  Well, we can be that for you.  We will handpick a random course from our self-paced courses for you to have access to each month (a $50 value) and you will have access to our online Book of Spells (the Mystic Grimoire).  We are offering this for $32.99 per month.  This subscription is better than that app you've subscribed to, isn't it, Miss Price?

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