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Totem Animal and Astral Travel

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Are you a new hedge witch or want to learn more about astral projection? Meet Aly, BearBridge's Witchdoctor. Aly is an accomplished astral traveler in his work, utilizing these skills to travel to the other world in order to do soul retrievals, traveling through time to past lives, cross the veil into the realm of the dead to meet spirit guides, and traveling to other parallel dimensions to talk clients through the possibilities that they could have. In this evening, you’ll do a lot of laying down. We are going to work on traveling to our “home base.” Meet with your animal guide in the middle world, take a journey to the upper world with your spirit guide, and walk through the lower world to talk to a relative who has passed. Aly will walk you through the steps you take so you can travel on your own, and debunks myths of souls getting lost during travel. You’re in safe hands. Aly does not use hallucinogenics in his work, and prefers that students do not use these kinds of assistances during this workshop. * What is astral travel * Planes of existence * The spirit current * Trance * Brain waves * Instructuons for meeting your totem * Journey to meeting yournoower animal * Short journey to hand with your totem

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