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Air Magic: Smoke, Sound, Writing Spells, & Aroma

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Learn about the healing properties of aromatherapy, the magic in music, how to write your own spells, and how to use incense. Air magic draws on the vast sky, the energy and movement of the air. It also includes magic that helps one breathes , and a talented air mage can magically enhance their movement, allowing bursts of speed and leaps of great length. Sending spells through air means, with music, songs, chanting, humming, smoke, or by opening up your window, you have a new way of casting your spells. Aly's strongest areas are in air magic, with chants, music, smoke, air, and aromatherapy. It's so accessible and easy to add to your spell work by focusing on the ENVIRONMENT around the spells and the magic you cast. You will not want to miss this incredible supplement to your spell work. It's a perfect addition to your spell casting. You'll learn how to add your own words to spells, why sage isn't great and what alternatives are better, and when to mix incense and when not to mix essential oils. Want to up your spell casting game? Yeah, this is it. * Aromatherapy * Sage and it's problems * Incense * How to write your own spells * Music for spell work * Healing exam

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