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April Student of the Month

Congratulations Kevin for being chosen as April Student of the Month!

Kevin has recently joined Bearbridge and has shown eagerness to learn all he can while sharing what he knows. Kevin's path is a new one to us here at Bearbridge Academy, and I have appreciated what he has shared with all of us during this time.

When I asked Kevin about his path and what he would like to share with fellow Bearbridge Academy students, Kevin had this to say: "My area of concentration is Qliphothic magick. In the Zohar, there is the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and the Tree of Husks (Qliphoth). Qliphothic magick owes its roots to the Typhonian tradition pioneered by Thomas Karlsson and others. It involves the witch traveling to the various spheres on the Sitra Ahra (the Qliphoth), and working with the infernals that govern those spheres. Further, it involves the witch traveling to the pathways that link the spheres, called "The Tunnels of Set". Whereas working in the Sephirot (spheres on the Tree of Life) involves working with the governing angels, working in the Qliphoth involves working with infernals (demons / fallen angels). My particular brand of magickal work in the Qliphoth is in the draconian tradition, pioneered by Karlsson, Dragon Rouge, and the Temple of Ascending Flame."

Thank you for all your contributions at BearBridge Academy and congratulations, again. I always look forward to having you in class or being in class with you.

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Congratulations Kevin!!


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