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Congratulations Coven M!

In our Italian Witchcraft class, Coven M beat Coven B by only a few points. Congrats to all students this year!

In ancient Italy, the ages-old war between the Malandanti and Benandanti witches continued to unfold in the spirit world. The Malandanti are witches skilled in baneful work, comfortable with chaotic spritis and drawn to the sun. The Benandanti, the blessed ones, gravitate towards healing, harmony, and the moon.

The competition between the two covens provided students of the Italian Witchcraft course at BearBridge Academy with the unique opportunity to explore the arcane world of these ancient traditions.

The Malandanti, comprised of three students - Jenny, Yennifer, and Lily - performed exceptionally throughout the term, asserting their mastery in the various challenges set before them. These challenges tested the witches' abilities on a wide range of tasks, from racing on the astral plane to successfully placing curses, altering weather patterns, achieving the divine gift of foresight, and even the art of healing.

In old folklore, they would battle in out of body experiences (spirit walking) at night in flight over towns in Italy. In spirit of the war between the Malandanti and Benandanti, the class Italiant witchcraft is devided by witch type into two covens and they compete throughout the class with coven assignments. This includes a race, cursing, weather changing, divination, healing, and more.

It is with immense pride that the Italian Witchcraft class at BearBridge Academy celebrates Coven M's victory and acknowledges their impressive aptitude in the old ways. Today, we honor the Coven M and congratulate Jenny, Yennifer, and Lily on their triumph. May their accomplishments be a guiding light for all who tread the enigmatic path of the esoteric.

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