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In Search Of a Meaningful Ritual

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

By Nancy Lynn

It is the anniversary of my mom’s death 2 years ago and I miss her. Vividly dreamt of her last night which I didn’t want to wake up from (alarm). I have been feeling, sad, impotent, and psychically stunted. I have not been able to see into the eyes of my totem, nor felt the presence of my spirit guide. Astral travel has not been possible. Physically I am not optimal. Figured I would start small with a repetitive action to remind me of the power of the universe and bring some power back to me during a very tough time. If this sounds familiar, I invite you to continue reading. My present state brought me to look, and ultimately incorporate a ritual.

As long as I can remember, I have liked symbolic routines performed for their own sake unattached to dogma. These took on many forms; lighting Chanukah candles, eating popcorn at the movies or wearing something new for the first day of school. For some months I have been looking for a ritual in the form of a sequence of actions involving words to start the day and encourage a fresh perspective before going about my tasks. This was suggested by a fellow Bearbridge student.

Recently, I have begun to incorporate this daily meditation into my routine. It has brought me a sense of calm and connection that propels me to share it with my favorite tribe. It is the LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

It is designed to clear yourself and your area of negative energies. It is preparatory for further magic or meditative work. It is a mainstay ritual of Western Magic and been around since at least the Golden Dawn of the nineteenth century. It can be paired with the LIRP – Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, although several sources suggest the LBRP for beginners as it more important initially to secure banishing rather than invoking.

The ritual is dynamic and uses visualizations, movements and power words vibrated as spoken. No equipment is required; one can use a wand or dagger. I just use my right index finger.

There are many permutations. I have adjusted the movements a little based on my beliefs and what is easiest to visualize. Many sources are available to enhance the ritual. The basic ritual is divided into four parts with the initial and final sections identical.

1. Qabalistic Cross – Standing facing east. Envision a bright white circular light above the head as light from a divine source. Point to the sphere with the right index finger. Bring it down to your forehead, just above and between the eyes (third eye). Vibrate the word “Atoh” (unto thee). Point the finger between shoulder length feet spread apart envisioning a circular light spinning down into the earth. Say “Malkuth” (the kingdom). Next touch the right shoulder, vibrating the word “Vegeburah” (and the power). To the left shoulder “Vegedulah” (and the Glory). Finally, I make a fist and tap my sternum saying “le-Olahm, Amen” (to the ages, amen). I usually stand for a minute or two to feel the power of divine light I wish to access.

2. Formulations of the Pentagrams – With the index finger trace a pentagram. Lower left, top, lower right, upper left, upper right returning to the beginning. Point straight in front vibrating “yod heh vav heh”. Each name is an associating call to God in each of the directions. I visualize each pentagram as blue fire. Keeping the index finger straight out, rotate to the south. Similarly draw the pentagram saying “adonai” as you extend the index finger. Next, to the west, same, “eheyah”. Finger pointed in front move to the north “agla” Return facing east finger extended. The pentagrams are connected by a circle which has been drawn in the air.

3. Evocation of the Archangels - Extending arms straight out left to right forming a cross say, “before me Raphael, behind me Gabriel, on my right Michael, on my left Uriel”. Envision each figure and say the name gutturally vibrating. There are differences in the color of robes. These should be seen as outside of the fiery pentagrams. I visualize yellow-orange, blue, silver metal and greens/browns respectively. Standing feet shoulder-width apart I say “for about me flames the pentagram, and within me the six-rayed star”

4. Qabalistic Cross is repeated.

I have been doing this daily, with feeling and ignite myself with prayer. Perhaps you have a ritual that enriches your life. Let us dialogue on how to just pause and stand in awe of the life force we all have in common.

Please share it. Maybe others are looking for a way to just “be” for a few minutes each day.


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