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Is Protection Important for Witches?

Protection? Do you need it? Does your neighbor need it? How about your best friend or your lover? Do they need protection? The answer is yes! Everyone needs protection. The muggles (thanks Harry Potter) use door locks and car locks for home protection and church for spiritual protection.

So why as witches are we all not using the proper protection when we do our craft? Even when not conjuring or going astral (jumping the hedge), we need protection in our craft. I know I get lazy and don’t do any ritual protection of any sort when I work unless I am conjuring. Mostly it is subconscious or a fleeting thought.

When doing any sort of magical workings we need to be safe. Unprotected magic can lead to real physical, mental and emotional wounds. I mean real life real. Not just our spiritual bodies. Our spiritual bodies can actually suffer wounds as well. Not knowing how to protect yourself on both the physical plane and the spiritual plane is dangerous.

There are many different ways to have protection while working: calling the towers, casting a circle, calling on deities and ancestors or our spirit guides and spirit animal. Even if you are doing the work for other people, we all need to be safe and protected in our workings. We are mere humble beings in this world. Mankind has been on this planet for a very short time in comparison to other beings. Why do we think safety isn’t important?

I have seen so many anecdotes about people not using protection and causing harm to themselves and others, simply because they did not take the basic first step and ask for help. We are witches, we are magical creatures, but we do not know it all and we are not all-powerful beings.

One such incident that comes to mind where basic safety procedures were not used is a young woman who thought she knew it all and kept something that belonged to someone else. A piece of their soul. Why does that matter? It was a broken soul anyway, right? Well let me tell you, it broke the person she didn’t return it to even more. That person she was supposed to heal is spending time in a psych ward for a couple of weeks each month for constant medication adjustments and for failure to be successful in recovery due to these missing pieces. Oh and the witch? Yeah, she broke too. She destroyed herself, her coven, and her relationships because she thought she knew better than those who came before her. All she had to do was follow the basic procedures of soul retrieval. She failed and destroyed so many people in the process, including the innocent children of the man whose pieces of soul she kept. Now, I know this isn’t about simply calling the quarters, but does show blatant disregard for safety and working in the craft and how ignoring safety can harm yourself and others.

I admit it, I get lazy and don’t always call on my guides and ancestors for help. Shame on me for not always following the most basic and easiest work a witch can do. I get cocky, I don’t do all the steps, I quickly skim and read ahead with ego leading the way. By ignoring the basics I put myself and others at risk. I have taken so many classes at Bearbridge, they all include a piece on calling for protection. Magic is real, spirits are real. They have real consequences. There is simply no excuse for me, for you, or for anyone to not take basic steps to keep yourself and everyone safe.

Please remember: Protection isn’t just for Backseat Betty! Safety is sexy.

Learn Protection Magic with Dark Magic & Defense Techniques

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