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July Student of the Month

Congratulations Arel for being Bearbridge Academy's student of the month.

Arel has been with Bearbridge for over a year now and I have really enjoyed having him in classes. Arel trusts but verifies everything with a very analytical mind and it is almost as if you can see the gears turning in his mind as he processes the information. Arel is an amazing student and brings much thought and experience to Bearbridge.

My ventures into witchcraft and discovering my spiritual practice began when I was a teenager. I would perform candle spells and tarot readings for fun, and over the years this turned into a deeper appreciation for the metaphysical. Like many people, I had a shift toward getting serious about practicing witchcraft in 2020. I self-studied many subjects, and at the beginning of last year, I joined Bearbridge. Since then, I have grown a tremendous amount in my practice and discovered talents and aspects of myself that I was not aware of, and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn. I enjoy practicing in the realm of spirit- and energy-based magick, and leaning into a shamanic lens of our world in my interactions with it.

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