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June Student of the Month

Congratulations Cassandra for being chosen as June student of the month!

I have had the pleasure of being in class with Cassandra as well as all the amazing posts on our Discord server. I am highly impressed with the way she absorbs and shares information, helping us all learn together. When I asked Cassandra what she had to say about her craft, she had this to say:

Being a part of Bearbridge has been like returning to my roots. My experiences and practices started in my childhood, although because I didn't have worldly guidance when young, everything unfolded in a disorganized way and much of what I knew was from first-hand experiences and the odd book here and there I managed to obtain or see. Being from a place that wasn't very accepting of such things, I mostly kept my practices secret for a long time.

In recent years, I have started piecing everything together, so I am still learning a lot. Part of my journey has been finding my sister and daughter are also practicing witches, so I hope to also be a good role model to them. I am still figuring out what my ultimate path or paths are to be, so I won't say much about it just yet, but over the past couple of years I have been guided and led heavily in learning and doing death and spirit work. So that has been my main focus as of late(it gets so insistent at times), although I do work in other areas, as well.

Bearbridge has helped me grow in that I have learned names for things I was doing and which were happening to me, a better understanding of them, and I have thus been able to explore many things more in-depth. Bearbridge has also aided me in gaining invaluable confidence in myself and my practices. It is wonderful to have a safe space to learn and socialize with others on their journeys, and it has been great meeting everyone. I hope to enjoy many more years with Bearbridge.

Thank you, Cassandra, for all your enthusiasm in learning and sharing knowledge!

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