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Mystic Grimoire: to Overcome Addiction

Hoodoo Candle Magic

Hoodoo is a powerful form of folk magic that has been used for centuries to manifest intentions and bring about change. In this guide, we will explore a hoodoo spell that can help in removing addiction from someone's life. Addiction can be a challenging obstacle, but with the right techniques and ingredients, it is possible to break free from its grasp.

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Self-paced Collection

Hand delivered witchcraft

Remember Bedknobs and Broomsticks?  Professor Browne's Correspondence School of Witchcraft?  Well, we can be that for you.  We will handpick a random course from our self-paced courses for you to have access to each month (a $50 value) and you will have access to our online Book of Spells (the Mystic Grimoire).  We are offering this for $32.99 per month.  This subscription is better than that app you've subscribed to, isn't it, Miss Price?

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