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I, like many people, found myself on Google in October 2020, bored from lockdown and lacking “something” in my life. I was a newlywed of just four months. This time I got the right husband. That whole “third time’s a charm” and all. But really what I found in Scott was a partner who had enough crazy ideas of his own, so he did not judge mine. While happy and mostly content with my something was still lacking. It being October and the beginning of a pandemic in the Midwest, I did what any witch-minded but untrained person would do – I googled “witchcraft schools near me”. I figured there wouldn’t actually be a “Hogwarts” but what the heck! Let’s see anyway. I came across the usual “$19.99 for a certificate in [something] but wait! For an additional $$$ I could get a degree in something witchy” and if I kept paying more and more for each new level, I could attain greatness. SCAM! Then I came across Aly. He had all his classes posted with clearly listed prices, and he was offering free intro courses. The classes did not have any extra obligations attached, they just offered education in that subject. I thought to myself “Wait! What?!? Free intros?” No hidden “But wait, there’s more?” and no scammy promises. I signed right up for the free “Intro to Black Magic”. And with that class, I was hooked. No, that’s not exactly true. I was home. I found my people, my community, my tribe. While I was scoping out Aly’s offerings, Scott walked by. Instead of rolling his eyes, he jumped right in with me! As I took more and more (ok, more like ALL) of Aly’s classes and learned as much as I could, I got to know the other students. They became my family. We shared our lives through class times, chats, and my favorite part of the week, Tribe Time. Tribe Time is a weekly gathering of students who just get together and talk, practice our craft, and sometimes watch movies. At first, I just observed, but very quickly became comfortable and now my favorite night is Tribe Time night. No need to go out put on a happy face and pretend to have fun, it is a place to hang out with friends and be authentic. As the school grew in number of students, I began teaching some classes. This allowed Aly to step back, focus on the curriculum, and teach the classes he is most passionate about. Which in turn, helped the school to grow even more! With all this growth Aly said it was time to elect a White Coat. What is a White Coat?

A White Coat is a student representative who is elected by the students to represent them. I was honored to be elected the first White Coat. My job is to interact with students, to discover their wants and interests, and relay that to our Headmaster. The job also goes the other direction, helping to relay thoughts and to explain changes from Aly to the other students. There is another part, a special part. One that I am proud to do. I am also charged with protection – protection of Aly, protection of the school, and especially protection over all the students. Bearbridge is a school where everyone can be safe and authentic. We do our best to hold that space sacred without fear or judgment. As White Coat it is my honor to do all of these things for Aly and the students of the school. As a white coat, I also try to help foster community on Discord by engaging in conversation with students. I am available via direct message on Discord whenever anyone has a question or concern for themselves or the school. My Office Hours are posted on my Discord status, but of course, a message can be sent to me at any time, and I respond as soon as I am able. My door is always open and I am happy to answer any questions or concerns, provide support, and represent your voice at Bearbridge Academy.

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