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Aly Cardinalli

Headmaster, Psychic & Shamanic Department Head

Aly Cardinalli is an accomplished witchdoctor, performing arts specialist, psychic, and master educator with over twenty years of experience in his fields. He has dedicated his life to promoting traditional practices and spreading knowledge about culture.


Born a dark medium and oversensitive psychic into a family of traditional healers, Aly grew up surrounded by spirits and natural remedies that were used to cure both physical and spiritual ailments. He learned from his family the art of healing, witchcraft, and spirituality, gradually developing a deep passion for indigenous and creolized practices.


As a young man, Aly decided to pursue a career in the performing arts. He studied music, dance, and theatrical arts, and quickly made a name for himself as a talented performer, exceptional choreographer (as an expert in over eighteen styles of dance), and an award winning director. His unique knowledge of the arts and culture, along with his exceptional stage presence, made him an instant hit with audiences across the globe.


Despite his success in the performing arts, Aly never forgot his roots. He continued to practice traditional healing techniques.  Aly has also developed an innovative training and classification system for psychics, mediums, and sensitives.  Because of his genius and prodigy youth, his knowledge and aptitude in the inclusive disciplines of culture, healing, spirituality, mysticism, and storytelling is unmatched.


Over the years, Aly has gained immense popularity as a master educator in his fields. He continues to conduct numerous workshops and training sessions for healthcare professionals, spiritual healers, psychics, performers, and other practitioners.  Aly has been the dean of education for a performing arts school, the headmaster at a witchcraft and psychic development school, and the education director for a healing arts institute.


Thanks to his dedication and hard work, Aly Cardinalli is now widely recognized as a commodity to cultural education. His talent, passion, and expertise have inspired countless people to embrace rich and vibrant culture and to seek healing through the power of music, dance, and other forms of artistic & ancient cultural expression.

Aly Cardinalli
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