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Barbra Portzline helps people close the gap between where their lives are currently and their vision for it. 

From a young age she learned how to read people as a way to survive. This was the catalyst to her sharpening her psychic gifts and designing a life she now loves.

She primarily focuses on helping people break through personal and business blocks that prevent them from living their purpose.  Her clients often describe themselves as over-thinkers, over-workers, over-worriers, and over-achievers who are craving more time freedom; money; and joy in their lives.

Barbra immediately tunes into the psychic health of her clients and sees the world of possibilities, aspirations, and dreams. Then she helps them gain clarity, trust in themselves, and move more into alignment. She intuitively knows interventions needed for each person and confidently leads them through change.  She strives for congruency of thoughts, words and actions and encourages others to do the same.  Her ability to share her own failures and commitment to living the rest of her life with “no regrets” is inspiring and thought-provoking.

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