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Witchcraft and Healing Department Head, The Witch's Council

Kristina is an artist, podcaster, and witch, specifically interested in the use of art in magick, psychic development, and divination. 

Raised in a conservative, small, southern town, she always felt wildly out of place. Suffering from selective mutism (a severe anxiety disorder) as a child, she struggled to believe in herself and make personal connections with peers and even family members for fear of rejection and ridicule. At a young age, she was drawn to divination and spellcasting as a way to explore her own inner power. 

Kristina holds a Master of Arts in Second Languages (with a specialty in French). Now, she works in the tech industry. She’s allowed herself to fall into whatever interesting opportunities have been presented to her, living “many lives”. When she isn’t working, she’s traveling with her son, painting, making magic, reading, or following her next random impulse.

The core principles she holds dear are living authentically and encouraging others to do the same, appreciating individuals where they are, and by doing so, honoring the divinity in each of us.

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