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Noribelle Ordono

Mysticism and Faith Department Head, The Witch's Council

Noribelle Ordono is a digital creator, witch, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

From a young age she was interested in the occult -- from researching the natural world, exploring astrology, and even crafting items for fun.

Then in 2012, Noribelle had just graduated high school and felt extremely uncertain about her path and purpose in life.

So as a means to find spiritual direction, she began to practice kundalini yoga. And with her search for a roadmap to follow, she also dove deeper into her occult studies and exploration.

A few years (and a better sense of direction) later, Noribelle completed her BBA in Supply Chain and Operations Management. This then led her to manage and grow an award-winning yoga studio.

This is where Noribelle earned her 50-hour Meditation Specialist Certification and finished her 300-hour Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

She was also involved in the development and coordination of these education programs, where she acted as a teacher assistant, student advisor and community leader.

Today, Noribelle's goal is to guide people to lead their lives authentically with focus and direction, so that they can become leaders within their own communities.

This is because she believes that, "if we can take lead in our own lives, we can create a positive impact within the lives of the people we encounter, and eventually, we might even be able to create change within the greater world."

Noribelle Ordono
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