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Meet Rachael Wallin, a seasoned witch, a devoted educator, and intuitive energy reader, whose magical journey unfolds at the crossroads of mysticism, culture, and healing arts. As a proud “ditch witch”, she shares her wealth of knowledge where her teachings resonate with a unique blend of academic wisdom and numinous insight.

With a Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology, Rachael delves into the intricate intersections of spirituality and medicine. Her academic pursuits form the bedrock of a holistic understanding of the occult, enriching her teachings with a profound appreciation for the cultural tapestry that shapes magical practices.

Rachael's sanctuary is adorned with jars brimming with botanical treasures, a testament to her passion for herbs. An accomplished herbalist, she infuses magick into her daily life, recognizing the herbs as entities with a life and spirit of their own. Her journey is marked by an unyielding connection with plants. Beginning in childhood and guided by her mother's wisdom, she emphasizes the return to magick and health through local, sustainable balance. Rachael's hands, and her entire being, gravitate irresistibly toward plants, viewing them as noble spirits that teach and heal at the spirit level.

Meditation education at the UCI medical school and expertise as a Reiki practitioner further amplify Rachael's witchy prowess. Add in a large dose of Tarot cards, too. They hold a special place in her heart. She reads daily for herself and others, with an obsession for their rich history and guiding potential. Astrology and Divine Feminine magick are domains where Rachael effortlessly navigates, adding layers of depth to her magical expertise.

With over 35 years of magical exploration, Rachael's natural inclination towards teaching has flourished. She has shared her wisdom in classes for the local pagan organization and at storefronts in North San Diego. Leading a women's moon circle group, Rachael creates a sacred space where feminine energies harmonize with the lunar cycles, deepening the magical bonds within the community.

Her journey in the tween spaces is profound. She is eager to walk with you for a spell.

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