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The Witch's Council

Early in childhood, Rox knew she wasn't like other kids her age and never quite fit in anywhere, feeling like an outcast both within and outside of her own home. Anytime someone would ask her mom, she'd tell them she knew Rox was "different" before the age of 2. She saw and spoke to things no one else could see, knew information about people, places, or things, without anyone telling her these things. People seemed to be drawn to her, commenting on how she made them feel comfortable and safe, seen and heard, in a way they'd never experienced before. Despite her deep loneliness, Rox had an innate "knowing" that she was put on Earth to fulfill a purpose, to use her abilities to help and heal others.

Around the age of 8, Rox knew something was missing from her life, and felt it had to do with spirituality or religion... Which was unusual, as she grew up in an Agnostic household where religion was never discussed. Eventually she asked her mom to take her to a different church each month (Catholic, Lutheran, etc.) until she found the belief system that made her feel "whole." Her mom agreed to this and month after month, would drop young Rox off before service on Sunday's but still, nothing seemed to connect with her at a soul level... until years later when she found Paganism and Witchcraft, then everything finally felt right, and so began Rox's spiritual journey.

Like so many others, over her time as a young adult, Rox got caught up in the stresses of the mundane world, causing her to stray off her path. That is, until the Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 and initiated a mass Spiritual Awakening felt world-wide! It was during that time when she stumbled upon a free Cryptozoology class on Meetup, and that was all it took, Rox knew she'd finally found her Tribe! Since then, under the guidance of Headmaster Aly, she has learned so much about herself and her abilities as an overly sensitive Clairsentient, and continues to grow in ways she'd only dreamt of before!

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