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Being the admin assistant in a work exchange program to the headmaster is an incredibly exciting opportunity. It offers the chance to work closely with the headmaster, gaining invaluable insight into the inner workings of BearBridge Academy and Otso Salon. The role provides the unique advantage of attending courses and classes at BearBridge Academy for free, allowing for personal growth and development. Additionally, being involved in the promotion of events and services through various social media platforms and email marketing campaigns adds a dynamic aspect to the role. With the chance to showcase technological skills, problem-solving abilities, and a self-motivated approach, this position is a perfect fit for those who are enthusiastic about these companies and eager to contribute to their success.

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Work-Exchange Assistant to Headmaster/Managing Director Job Description


Job Duties:

1) Program courses and classes for BearBridge Academy into our online Wix-based system.

2) Create and organize meetup events and Facebook events for BearBridge Academy.

3) Promote courses, classes, and events through emails, announcements, and Instagram posts.

4) Manage the calendar for Otso Salon, ensuring appointments are scheduled appropriately.

5) Promote salon services on social media platforms and through email marketing campaigns.

6) Manage client communication and schedules for salon practitioners.

7) Handle any technical issues or problems related to Zoom accounts for both teachers and practitioners.

8) Assist Aly, the headmaster of BBA and managing director of Otso Salon, with various tasks as needed.



- Maximum of 5 hours per week.

- Hourly compensation of $17 in work-exchange, which can be applied towards services at Otso Salon or BearBridge Academy (cannot be combined with discounts, promo codes, or other forms of currency).  Compensation is not transferable into payout.

- Minimum commitment of four months.

- Opportunity to attend classes at BearBridge Academy and Otso Salon services free of charge.

- Potential for opportunity to grow into a paid position.



- Proficiency in computer work, including knowledge of Wix (will train), Canva (free versions), and Zoom.

- Strong social media skills and familiarity with various platforms.

- Technologically savvy and comfortable troubleshooting technical issues.

- Self-starter with a motivated and enthusiastic approach to work.

- Excellent problem-solving abilities.

- Able to initiate communication and provide regular updates.


This position offers the unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant environment of BearBridge Academy and Otso Salon, gaining valuable experience while enjoying the benefits of attending classes and receiving professional salon services.


So excited to have a new member to our amazing team, apply here:

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