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Curses and Pride

From the Desk of the White Coat

This weekend during a few BBA classes the dreaded curse was brought up. Some believed they were cursed, and it seemed, well, I was probably cursed too. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to our local Ren Faire (so much fun, don’t walk run to yours) and I bought a beautiful evil eye glass amulet. Hadn’t even had it a week before it fell out of my jeans pocket and smashed to the floor spectacularly. Ugh, that can’t be good.

A few days later I’m ambling my way in the dark searching for the light switch when I slammed my foot into an iron chair leg. There were fireworks of pain, and now a broken toe.

As I was discussing my mounting maladies in class, someone suggested I might be cursed. That night, I put a pot of water on the stove (don’t worry, this is a way to find out if you’re cursed) and poured the olive oil into the boiling water. (I will link to Aly’s video on finding out if you’re cursed). Sure enough I was cursed.

Wracking my brain I tried to think “Who did this?” And “What did I do that someone would want to curse me?” For a day or two I was depressed, walking about like I was a huge target of misfortune. I came to a realization. Instead of walking in this world, curse weighing me down, fearing what’s around the corner. Perhaps it’s time to flip that switch. Wear that curse like a badge of honor (of course, try to get rid of the curse, you don’t need bad luck). It brought to mind the phrase ‘If you aren’t making people mad, you’re doing it wrong’. So fuck yeah, some people in the world were mad enough, scared enough, pissed off enough at me to take time out of their lives and curse me! Woot woot! I’m doing something right!

All the best people get cursed. Think about it. Who are the groups that inspire the more ire? Witches, and the LGBT. For real. And why do people curse these groups (us) the most? Because we live our true selves. We’re brave in ways that most people only dream of. They hate us for it.

So next time things don’t seem aren’t going my way, I’ll put a pot of water on the stove. If the oil does make a big blob, I won’t fret or cower, instead just laugh. “Curse me? Ha! I laugh in the face or your curse!” (in my head) and smile realizing I’m doing something right.

This post is dedicated to all the LGBT witches out there this pride month.

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