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Introducing the BearBridge Academy Witchcraft Clinic

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

“I’m here to push you,” Aly said in a friendly, but stern manner. He gives us a big, open smile after saying this, but we students knew that the pressure was on, and we were about to put our abilities through the test.

It was time for us to step up to practice, demonstrate, and fine-tune our skills.

I know this because I had been a student of Aly’s for the last two years.

I became very familiar with his mission – to develop proficient psychics and witches.

“We don’t play dress up,” Ms. Val said frankly.

Ms. Val is another teacher and our white coat here at BearBridge Academy – so when she talks, I really listen.

Yes, this is a place where we are very serious about the craft – we learn, we practice, we demonstrate, we receive feedback, and we practice again.

And when we pass an exam, we have proven that we are proficient in that area.

Yes – we are not playing dress up.

The Next Steps for Students

Students that have passed an exam have demonstrated that they are proficient in those skills that are taught in that class. This includes mediumship, psychic readings, spells (from light work all the way to baneful), as well as shamanic techniques such as soul retrievals, and energy healing.

As the number of students who show proficiency increased, Aly began to think about what’s next for these students.

How can students continue to use the information and skills they learned, and worked so hard to develop?

What is the BearBridge Academy Witchcraft Clinic

The answer was simple.

The BearBridge Academy Witchcraft Clinic was created with the mission to help students begin their own practice.

Here, students will use the information that they learned, and the skills they developed to offer their practices to the public as a service.

For students, this becomes a way for them to continue to develop their skills, and grow as a witch and/or psychic, and eventually, start their own practice.

For those seeking services, this means they have the opportunity to hire and work with one of the clinicians at a discounted rate.

Also, the clinicians all come from different faith backgrounds, and they all have their own unique gifts.

This means that there is a variety of people available, so that those who are seeking services can find someone that suits their needs the best.

To book, you can visit to see the services available.

As a student embarking on these next steps of my own practice, I extend my gratitude to those seeking services for being a part of our development. I’m also grateful to Aly for providing a space for this to happen.

After many years of public condemnation, as well as charlatans destroying the industry’s reputation, I hope that this clinic becomes a shift for us all.

As we are new to the industry, we are going to try our best to provide these services to you. And in doing so, you will be a part of bringing in proficient psychics and witches into the world.

Together, let’s create the change we want to see in the industry.

*Written by a student at BearBridge Academy.

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