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How To Prepare When Getting A Psychic Reading

I will tell you that in many of my readings, someone will come with only one question and when I get finished answering it, we still have time left over. So here are some helpful hints on what to prepare as a "sitter," for you psychic reading!

Please prepare 8 yes or no questions. These are things you really to want to know. Your job is not to test the psychic. Testing a psychic is considered hostile. You're there to hire the psychic for their time. Abusing them during their time is... well, terrible.

Please prepare 8 open ended questions. Like "How" or "Why" or "What" questions. This will allow for the psychic to really dig in deep and find information.

And be prepared to do stuff for the psychics as well. They will lead you through what they need in order to practice and you will hopefully get some of your questions answered.


- You are 18 years of age or older. - 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. - Readings are a matter of current energy. The future is not set in stone. You have free will to change your life and make your own decisions. - We cannot legally answer questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues, or health issues. I am not a legal or medical professional. If you have questions about financial matters, pregnancy issues or health issues, please seek a medical or legal professional to answer those questions. - BearBridge Academy and its representatives are not liable or responsible for what you choose to do after the reading. We will never suggest you harm yourself or another person. - We are not here to spread negative or hateful energy. If negativity or aggression comes from the sitter, they will be dismissed without refund.

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Unknown member
May 17, 2023

appreciate the advice


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