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The Council of Witches

When I started BearBridge Academy, I never intended the school to get so big. We started with eight students, and I figured I would be teaching full-time forever. However, at the start of 2022, I decided it was time for me to focus on reaching a wider audience of students through writing, which meant leaning on others to help in live education.

Since those original eight students, we have now had over 200 students cross through our online academy gates, exploring the worlds of witchcraft, psychic work, and faith discovery. We have five teachers, and are still in the process of expanding.

Because of this, Ms. Val, our White Coat, and I decided to create another section of leadership of checks and balances, The Council of Witches.

Every year, when a new White Coat is chosen by our student body, that person will choose two people from the student body to nominate onto our Council of Witches, and I as Headmaster will also nominate two people. With this inaugural year of the Council, we have four. If any of our nominees turn us down, we are not allowed to replace them. Also, if someone leaves the Council, their spot remains empty, without a replacement. Finally, anyone who has sat as White Coat will automatically join the Council of Witches. This prevents the Council from growing too large, keeping an intimate group of people who care about the support for the school and the direction the school is in.

With that, our positions of authority in the school are as follows:

Headmaster: Design and cultivate the learning platforms and staff in the areas of witchcraft, psychic development, and faith discovery. Focus will be on education and curriculum development first.

White Coat: Student appointed position. The White Coat is concerned with the wellbeing of the students from around the world, making sure they are heard, cared for, and have their needs in their journey to spiritual and metaphysical discoveries met as their representative.

The Council of Witches: Meet monthly with the White Coat and Headmaster to discuss student outreach (items that the White Coat feel need to be in place for the students' needs), and continued direction of the school (in support of the Headmaster).

Please welcome in our discord server our Council of Witches, who have graciously decided to act as a board, moderators, and student access for our loving BearBridge Academy.

Our current Council of Witches:





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