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Join date: Apr 10, 2023


Dani is a Psychic and Teacher of the Occult Arts, specializing in Superstitions, Omens, and Protection Magic. She was raised in the “backwoods witchcraft ways” in the Allegheny Mountains with her grandmother, but was unaware of this until joining Bearbridge. She only understood what she knew as “old wives’ tales” that her grandmother was teaching her. She was unaware that she was inadvertently being groomed to teach and practice in the occult studies. Dani also had the advantage of having a mother who was a prominent herbalist in her time and this knowledge rubbed off on her leaving her well versed in herbs and natural remedies. Growing up in the forest allowed her to connect with nature and is drawn to the energies around her. Due to Dani’s overwhelming desire for information she is well versed in occult studies. After joining Bearbridge Dani’s apprehensions dissolved away. She spent over 20 years practicing and heavily researching the occult and was comforted in knowing that she wasn’t doing things incorrectly and was able to trust her instincts and her research. Dani enjoys teaching others and mentoring in all aspects of life. It was only a natural pivot for her when she decided share her knowledge with others via teaching and practice. Dani fervently believes that Magic can encompass anything. Seek to discover it in all you do and everyone you meet.


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