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Hex, Jinx, Curse… What’s the difference?

All three terms, jinx, hex, and curse, are associated with some form of supernatural or magical affliction.

A jinx is a kind of superstition that suggests that mentioning or invoking an unlucky event may cause it to occur. Something that is jinxed is often believed to bring bad luck. These kinds of spells wear off rather quickly and it is difficult to make them specific. Simply allow them to work. The good news is because they hit and wear off, they are hard to trace back to you....

A hex is a type of malicious spell used to cause harm or misfortune to someone or something. It’s often seen as a more serious form of curse or jinx. Most baneful spells are hexes, which include binding people.

A curse is a type of malevolent magic that is intended to bring harm, misfortune, or ill luck to another person, object, or place. Curses can be cast intentionally or unintentionally, and their effects can range from serious harm to permanent family or genetic harm or even death.

It’s important to remember that these terms are often used colloquially and can vary depending on the cultural context. In general, they all refer to some form of supernatural or magical affliction.

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