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Is Dark Magic Ethical?

Firstly, it must be noted that the practice of dark magic, also known as black magic or sorcery, is heavily stigmatized in many cultures and societies. It is often associated with evil, manipulation, and the use of malevolent forces, specifically from cultures which are derived from BIPOC regions. The ethical implications of using dark magic, therefore, depend heavily on one’s personal beliefs and values.

From a strictly utilitarian perspective, one may argue that using dark magic to protect oneself or seek revenge can be ethical if it achieves the desired outcome while minimizing harm to others (including yourself). For example, a person may use dark magic to prevent harm being done to them or to their loved ones. In such a case, the use of dark magic may be viewed as a justified means to an end. In fact, isn't the point of a weapon to defend yourself?

However, the use of dark magic inevitably involves a certain level of risk and unpredictability. The user of dark magic may find themselves facing unintended consequences, such as backlash from the forces they have invoked or the escalation of the situation they sought to resolve. In addition, the use of dark magic often involves taking control over other people’s beings, which can be considered a violation of their free will (but whose will is it ok to overpower?)

Others may argue that the use of dark magic is never ethical, as it crosses a moral boundary by seeking to impose one’s will on the natural order of things. The practice of magic, particularly dark magic, typically involves channeling energies and forces beyond the realm of human understanding. This means that the consequences of one’s actions are not fully knowable and can result in unintended harm to oneself or others.

I find that when people are starkly against the use of dark magic, they come from a place of privilege, where they have never been in a situation where they feel powerless or where society will not protect them, help them get out of an unlivable situation, or to seek comfort/recompense. If no one were to help you in an impossible situation, where would you turn?

The ethics of using dark magic as a means to protect oneself or seek revenge are multifaceted and highly personal. While the use of dark magic may be seen by some as a justifiable means to an end, it is essential to consider the potential risks and consequences of such actions. Whether one believes in the morality of using dark magic or not, it is essential to approach the all magic with knowledge and skill.

This is why we teach dark magic at BearBridge Academy. If someone wants to use a gun, shouldn't they know all the safety measures? If someone is going to conjure a demon, or use baneful herbs, shouldn't they know what they are getting into?

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